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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000412200   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2016-03-01PTR Patch 2.4
  000019015   Generalminoracknowledged (riv)2016-01-22rogar's huge stone, deaths bargain
  00004162   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-12-07Weapon Search
  00004151   Generalcrashresolved (riv)2015-12-05simulator crashes when I simulate steel charge
  00004132   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2015-12-02Monster need to hit the player in the simulation
  00004142   Generalmajorresolved (riv)2015-11-30Wrong tooltip for WoD
  00003831   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-11-07Roland 6pc buff not working in simulator
  00003571   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2015-11-02Group Buff Profiles
  00003711   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-11-02MAC OS support
  00003876   Generalmajoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-28[Mantis] Stop the spam !
  00003855   Generalmajoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-27does not import/ load
  00003821   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-26Defender of Westmarch Shield unable to add 5th major stat
  000038631 Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-26Regarding 0000384
  000038411 Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-23Wrong stat ranges (Dex) on items
  00003811   Generalfeatureresolved (riv)2015-10-23Crusader Simulation errors
  00003772   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2015-10-22Suggestion: Follower Equipper
  00003451   Generalmajorresolved (riv)2015-10-22In kanais cube Suwong diviner bonus is not taken into account when doing a dps simulation
  00003801   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2015-10-21Feature Suggestion
  00003795   Generaltweakresolved (riv)2015-10-21Suggestion: Use same time style for graph and detail
  00003781   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2015-10-20Average procs / second and target in simulator
  00003742   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-18Hallowed Bulwark leg bonus not working
  00003296   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-18Crudest boots not applying its effects into the stats.
  00003761   Generaltweakresolved (riv)2015-10-18Hellfire ring has 3 secondary affixes
  000037021 Generalblockresolved (riv)2015-10-16Cannot import my battlenet account
  000034210   Generalmajorresolved (riv)2015-10-16Character Import Partially Importing Equipped Items
  00003752   Generalminoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-16static charge dont proc
  00003641   Generalfeatureresolved (riv)2015-10-14GitHub repository
  00003687   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-14Fists of Fury proc behaviour
  00003732   Generalmajorresolved (riv)2015-10-14Attack speed is miscalculated
  00003675   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-14Suggestion: Make starting resource level configurable in Sim
  00003724   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-14Furious Charge + Vile Wards Simulation
  00003691   Generaltrivialacknowledged (riv)2015-10-12staffs missing transmog 'Arthef's Spark of Life'
  00003434   Generalminoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-08LPS Calculation is wrong w/ regard to healer monk
  00003622   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-07Flying Dragon uptime in simulation
  00003661   Generaltextresolved (riv)2015-10-07Manajuma's Carving Knife misspelled
  000036311 Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-07Player profile not found when importing
  000036511 Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-07Zunimassa's String of Skulls, problem with stats
  00003593   Generalminoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-04EP proc coeff with Uliana 2pc
  000035410   Generalmajoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-03Simulation go crazy when using a mighty weapon as main hand weapon
  00002941   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-03SSS + U6 + Gungdo gear damage
  00003602   Generalminoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-03More Static Charge bugs
  000035210   Generalminoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-02Shenlong DPS sim issues
  00003581   Generalblockresolved (riv)2015-10-02HotA + Rolling Thunder will not simulate
  00003554   Generalmajoracknowledged (riv)2015-10-01Chantado's Resolve and Area Damage
  00003564   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2015-10-01Add "Use Potion" to Skill Priority
  00003531   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-10-01Cannot simulate furious charge at close range
  00003162   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-09-30dps simulation autohit monk
  00003482   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-09-30Fists of Thunder - Static Charge simulation is wrong
  00003511   Generalminorresolved (riv)2015-09-30Rune Prophet of Champion of Akarat break simulation
  00003505   Generalfeatureacknowledged (riv)2015-09-29Build Description Tab
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